The Punk Philatelist

June 23, 2017

I am thrilled to introduce you to the Punk Philatelist - describing herself as celebrating and bollocking stamp design and collector culture, while swearing a bit.


When you think of a stamp collector, you think of an old man, right? I mean, mostly, you do. At Art Stamped, we want to change that image.


When we look at the hobby of stamp collecting, we talk about attracting women and under-50s like they are an alien species! And when I push the traditional philatelists a bit by cutting up a (worthless, one-in-a-million, slightly damaged) stamp to stick it up an elephants' ass in the interests of introducing new people to the world of stamps (see my IG), you'd not believe the abuse I often get. Do I care? No. In our hobby, noise is good, emotion is good, opinion is good, debate is good. And the Punk Philatelist gives us just that. I love reading her thoughts on the latest stamp issues, from the US to the UK and all around the globe. She is honest, articulate and comprehensive in her reviews.


And when you're reading her latest blog, giggling away at risk of (nose) blowing stamps everywhere, you remember, she's a philatelist. She cares. She cares about stamp design because that is what, in this day and age, attracts new people to our wonderful hobby. We're talking graphic design smashed right up against popular culture and historical interest. We are taking about philatelic interest. We are talking about the future of our hobby.




She's bloody brilliant. Her blog is bloody brilliant! It's bloody brilliant stamp love! You can find the Punk Philatelist across social media @punkphilatelist


Happy (and opinionated) stamping,






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