***** Art Stamped Bestseller - over 240 sets sold on Etsy! *****


These 200 stamps are all different and come from many different countries with lots of designs to explore, with some dating back more than 50 years!


Fancy making your own Art Stamped design or getting started with a stamp collection, exploring the world with your kids, discovering new craft and art inspiration? Travel the world, learn and love. 


This selection is not a “by weight” selection. I handpick these stamps one by one to ensure there is a wide range of designs and stories to explore - I want people to fall in love with postage stamps so each pack has been packaged with love. All stamps have been checked to ensure they are complete but there may be the odd nick or crease in a stamp as you might expect with genuinely used postage stamps. 


Most stamps are used or cancelled to order but you may find the odd mint or cinderella in there. I try to make sure there are no duplicates but just in case one or two slip through, I will a few extras to the pack.

By the time I've selected the 200th stamp to go in the set I am making up, I will admit, I sometimes forget what stamps I started with. I get lost in them!


Each pack is completely different so why not bag a few and share with friends, family, or just enjoy them yourself. 


If you have any questions, just shout.


I love to see what people design and make with stamps so please do share photos of what you do with these stamps on instagram and twitter! @artstamped

Lucky Dip - 200 used vintage world postage stamps - off paper