You will receive 400 used British postage stamps. 
- 100 x red, orange, beige, golds 
- 100 x maroons and purples, pinks
- 100 x blues and greys
- 100 x greens and khakis


This way, you know you are getting a true rainbow of colours.


These stamps have been taken off paper - by me! So I can guarantee that every single one is genuine. They are all British machin definitive stamps. They are mostly decimal pence but there are some pre-decimal shillings in there too (e.g. 1d khaki, 3d purple, 4d red and 5d navy). Some regional issues are included. 


These are genuine used postage stamps so some will have the odd crease and nick in them but I am a stamp artist so I have looked at every stamp to check it passes the Art Stamped test - I would use each one of these in my work. So I hope you can too. Just in case, I'll add a few extras in.


These stamps are from different years (you may see postmarks from the 1960s - red 4d - through to 2000s - gold first class) and have varying postmarks/ cancellations on them. Each stamp tells a story!


If you have any questions about how to get started making a stamp art piece, just shout. I love to see what people design and make with stamps so please do share photos of what you do with these stamps on instagram and twitter! @artstamped 


If you are after specific colours or more stamps of a certain type for your design, contact me and we can work on a custom order.

400 Used Rainbow Machins