You will receive this $25 of Mixed Mint, Never Hinged, Unused, Vintage US Postage Stamps


The photo shows an indicative selection of the set you will receive:
- Different values from 2 cents to 50 cents (most are somewhere between 20 and 33 cents)
- 75+ stamps
- Only a few duplicates
- A wide range of themed stamps, issued across several decades. 
- There are reds, purples, yellows, greens, blues, neutral tones and more!
- Most of the stamps are gummed so you get to lick them but some are self-adhesive


There is a mix of values so that you can make up PERFECT colourful POSTAGE. 


The face value of these stamps totals at least $25.00


They can be used for collage, scrapbooking, stamp collecting and sending mail. Imagine sending your wedding invites, birthday cards and lovely letters to friends with these vintage stamps adorning the envelopes! I call it stamp love. True mail art! 


These stamps can be used as genuine, legal postage for sending mail in the US. You may need to add additional stamps to meet the required postage fee. You can find the latest postal prices at the USPS website. Some of the stamps are self-adhesive but most are gummed so you get to lick them! 


Your stamps will be posted in a glassine envelope to protect the gum.

25 Dollars of UNused Mint Vintage US Postage Stamps