You will receive 100 Japanese stamp designs featuring Posukuma the post office teddy bear, and other teddy bears from Japan. I don't know many other stamps as cute as these!


You will receive similar stamps designs to those shown in the photo. Cancellations/ postmarks may vary as I have several sets of these stamps. 


There are a few duplicates as you can see from the photo but you are guaranteed at least 25 different designs and no more than 8 of any one stamp design. 


Perfect for party invites, card making and other crafts. 


These stamps are genuine, used postage stamps that have been taken off paper - by me! Each stamp tells a story. 


I love to see what people design and make with stamps so please do share photos of what you do with these stamps on Instagram and twitter @artstamped

100 x Posukuma & Teddy Bear cute Japanese used postage stamps - off paper